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Solange is a Doctor in Nutrition and Health, a Biologist, Naturopath and a Yoga coach.

She overcame obesity issues herself and has since then taken personally the mission to help other women do the same.

Solange has published multiple scientific reviews in Nutrition & Health. She started her career in nutrition working on protein, muscle mass and weight loss diets in young and elderly people with inflammatory diseases (obesity, diabetes, hypertension and others metabolic syndrome disorders).

Gisèle is a Certified Raw plant-based Chef, a cookbook author, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Her professional journey is incredible. With over a decade of experiences in Project management, two masters’ degree, a MBA, and three certifications, Gisèle made her way to become a Raw food Chef after reversing asthma and her daughter’s allergies using food as medicine (mindful eating) & lifestyle changes.

Gisele is also passionate about helping divorced women improve their emotional health and rediscover who they are at their core in order to thrive in life through holistic approaches that she teaches in coaching.



What our clients are saying
Before starting the coaching program, I was suffering from arthritis and always had difficulties walking. It took me this coaching program to understand the root cause of an illness I have been living with for a long time. Iimplemented the suggestions received throughout the coaching program, and I am so happy today to be pain free. Thank you!

- Agatha -
What our clients are saying
It is amazing how simple changes in our lifestyle can take us a long way. I have always been constipated since my childhood and never thought I could reverse that. The coaching program has been very rewarding. The sisters are knowledgeable. I was really impressed with the things I could eat that are also raw ! I has really been a blessing to have found you. I appreciate your help.

- Elena-
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