ilera wellness


Root cause


We believe that effective and sustainable health habits are achieved when the root cause of the illness is addressed and not the apparent symptom(s).

Our body attempts to communicate with us in ways that are bio-individual (differs from one person to another) and the key to your wellness lies in your ability to decode the message and act effectively upon it.

We coach to the cause, not the symptom

Personal transformation



Preventing or reverting a chronic illness using food as medicine & lifestyle changes is a commitment for life!

You decide to give your body the attention and nourishment it deserves to continue serving you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Achieving that balance requires discipline, attention and us as professionals to walk the journey with you.

We will help you learn how to detoxify naturally & restore your gut with gut-friendly foods. You are in control of the choices you make daily to achieve your own wellness, so focus less on the end result and enjoy the journey.


Sustain good habits


The development of technology, agriculture etc. brought a number of changes in our lives. We eat more packaged foods, we consume more chemicals in creams and we have a number of technology devices in our environment.


We coach you to improve your internal environment (gut) and external environment to let go of the toxins, emotions, and people that no longer serve you on your journey to facilitate self-healing and maintain healthy habits for life !

Here is a little snapshot of some areas we will explore together:

Understand the root cause of your chronic illnesss & ways to restore your health naturally

Draw and visualize the imbalances in your life holistically (mentally, emotionally, etc)

Understand the importance of raw living food & learn how to make healthy raw recipes

Tap into the power of meditation & physical activities to restore balance in your life

Learn how to identify & use your personality type to improve your emotional health & relationships